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Демонтаж конструкций, изготовление проемовOur company renders a full complex of services on dismantling structures and partitions, cutting openings in the walls of the capital and reinforcement of openings by metal frame, securely and professionally in short time at reasonable price in the city of St. Petersburg.

Many flats, shops, offices, manufacturing areas are characterized by the comfortless planning. As time passed it requires modification of the space-planning decision according to the sanitary regulations, building norms and other standards. Such alterations include the dismantling of the divided walls, the embrasure cutting in bearing and filler structures, in obedience to Housing Code of the Russian Federation this kind of activity requires approval.

In residential construction brick and concrete are used as a material for the bearing walls. Bricks in the bearing walls have been applied since the 18th century. Usually it is subject to pre-revolutionary buildings and old dwelling stock. Currently brick is extensively used only in the private housing construction, in modern blocks of flats other materials are used in order to reduce costs.

Brick is not a perfect material and as a matter of fact it is the burnt clay, but it is capable to cope with the heavy vertical load, it is lack of thermal protection and in course of bricklaying it requires high-skilled specialists. The improper laying and exploitation lead to the cracks in the constructions, falls, splits, and results in the decrease of building lifetime and quality.

Пример не правильного демонтажа монолитной стены, бригадой по знакомствуIt is impossible to cut embrasure in the bearing wall without reduction of the structural-load capacity, an experienced specialist and dedicated tool are vital in such situation. Because besides your embrasure the part of the wall will be deformed, it can lead to the construction failures.

In the 70s concrete came into use, its characteristics outperform the brick’s ones and allow to erect high-rise buildings, also concrete is more cost-effective. At present concrete is the most popular material and it is essential part of any construction.

The concrete disassembling is a labor-intensive process, demanding special knowledge in construction technology and certain physical conditioning. The disassembling is accomplished by diamond tool, cable saw and other professional grade tool. Nowadays in modern houses the strengthened design of walls is used, the concrete is enhanced by the metal frame (armored concrete), it is impossible to cut embrasure in such a wall by the impact method without consequences.

An embrasure in brick or concrete wall can be done with the help of diamond cutter and diamond wire, but only under condition of the appropriate use of tools and compliance with norms, safety and work regulations.

This method is impactless for the bearing capacity of the structure, the noise and vibration levels are lowest, the cut accuracy is up to 5 mm. The technology can be dry and wet, in the former case industrial vacuum cleaner is used, in the later case liquid is delivered. Upon the application of the second method the construction dust is absent.

The embrasure strengthening by metal frame is used for reinforcement and pressure compensation, without a frame pressure on the whole construction increases several times, thus this type of work is required. According to the assembly process it is necessary to caulk by self-expandable matrix the strengthening frames, only after this stage the finishing works can be started.

Mistakes during the dismantling works:

1. Work conduction without approval of a relevant body of executive authority and the District Administration.

2. Cut and strengthening project is absent.

3. Dismantling works are carried out by the individuals without necessary authorization and certificates.

4. Dismantling works are carried out by impact method.

5. Physical proximity of an embrasure to a perpendicular wall.

6. Dismantling is carried out by manual tools.

7. Embrasure drilling is laborious and time-consuming process, but it is useless and results in additional stressing of hearing.

8. Absence of the metal frame.

It will be exaggeration to say that one of the mistakes listed above will lead to destruction of the whole building. However, you should bear in mind that it is you and repair workers who are responsible for violating the housing regulations. Under the Administrative and Criminal Codes of the Russian Federation, in case of cracks in concrete structures, breakdowns, physical injuries, you will answer for the consequences.

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